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Welcome to Nooks and Crannies!

Minisode: Historical Analysis of Why Matty is Afraid of Zombies with Chris and Paul


Welcome to a very disturbing minisode of Nooks and Crannies!

Our very own Movie Savant Paaa_uu_llL Combs reluctantly agreed to fulfill his contract and return for another round with ol Matty, and joining both of us is Chris, the Host of everyone’s favorite Video Game-Comic Book podcast Play Comics Podcast. I have been on his show twice, both times I attempted a hostile takeover, so this is Chris’ payback it seems (links to those below).

After shitting on the Fine State of Georgia and some random Magic the Gathering chatting for the benefit of Frequent Mention: DC, we get into why Chris and Paul find Zombies fascinating and the role that Steven King played in this.

Chris brought an article from Vox (Link) that covers the early history, key themes and notable (innovative) examples from film and pop culture through the 20th century (link again below). Matt highlights the existential anxieties and racialized stereotypes associated with Voodooism and Zombies, including Paul’s Purge-esque fantasies about settling some grievances.

Bringing it back to the early history of Voodoo in Haiti and how it relates to their Slave-Led Revolution; the fella’s dig into the political themes including Suspicion, fear of the Other, racialized notions, “primitiveness” v civilizational ‘advancement’ and the unique ideological Assimilation (Paul makes a great point here) between indigenous religion and US Catholic Missionaries (1915), native cultures by their colonial overlords, is eerily similar symbolically to the assimilation we see in the onrushing Zombie Hoard!!

The rest of the Episode (movies, zombies in pop culture and teasing Chris) will be out Next week as Episode 37.

Keep it Spooky folks, watch your brains!


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