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Welcome to Episode 63 of Nooks and Crannies!

Ask Canada Anything Eh? with Real Dude Karrington and Chris who Plays Comics


Oh hey ther hosier, keep yer stick on the ice buddy guy, this one is all about the great(ish) Nation of Canada, America’s moral compass and much more successful younger sibling, you know..those fellas who whooped your butts in 1812?! Ya, we know..

Anyway, have Karrington and Chris back on and I asked them to ask me; So What’s the Deal with…Canada. 35mins later with a bit of a side track on Georgia sports, this is what was spit out.

Topics, in particular order actually:

Bagged Milk, WTF…The Canadian Dairy Cartels…What’s the Deal with Hockey…The Flag…Canada v New Zealand…War of 1812…Still Standing (TV-CBC), WW2 and Canadian Militarism/Peace Keeping…colonial soldiering…My Grandpa’s DFC war hero story…Canucks v Georgia sports and Chris’ sad justification of the Tomahawk Chop…Mark Donnelly the recently disgraced anthem singer…anti-masking policies and the Canadian response…and that tool from Delta who got fined.   

Boy howdy, talk to you’all soon, aren’t we lucky, peace and solidarity but keep fighting good fights, one love.


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